About Us

KGMS Broking & Research (P) Ltd, is a SEBI registered Company
incorporated in May 2001 under the companies act 1956.KGMS is an Advisory firm which provides Complete Investment Management Solutions to a diverse client base with Prime Focus on Profitable & Effective Financial Propositions. Being a Hub for all Investment solutions, it’s also our constant endeavour to emerge as a value added service provider.

KGMS Broking & Research (P) Ltd is an intermediary for all investment products like capital markets, Money market, Mutual Funds and Fixed income group. Apart from investments products, we serve for liabilities products like auto loan and housing loan. Our customized approach provides unparalleled opportunities for our valued investor. Our goal of succeeding together with passion and trust help our client to exceed those expectation & create a sustainable competitive advantage that leads to gather profits.


Our Customized approach provides unparalleled opportunities for our Valued Investors. Our goal of succeeding together with passion and trust helps our clients to exceed those expectations & create a sustainable competitive advantage that leads to Wealth Creation.Message: Succeeding Together with Passion & Trust We have Striven to be a diverse company. It is fundamental to our success that we serve our clientele with all products under One Roof.
Our Approach towards our Customers:Our customized approach ensures that our clients achieve sustainable &
competitive advantage.We measure our success by our client’s success.We observe appropriate confidentiality of client information.We do not compromise our intellectual integrity for special interest.

Our Approach towards our Channel Partners:

  • We believe in team work with our Channel Partners
  • We feel Privileged to share in their achievements
  • We not only believe in building New Channel Partners but also to retain & Nurture the developed Partners.
  • We believe in providing unparalleled opportunities for our Channel Partners.
  • Our Approach towards our Team:

  • We recognize that ours is a Dynamic & Demanding Profession.
  • Here at KGMS all individuals have an opportunity to flourish & succeed, regardless of their background, gender and ethnicity.
  • We are fiercely dedicated in developing and coaching our Team.
  • We build their capabilities and leadership skills at every level and give them every possible opportunity to perform.
  • We reward performance and contribution consistent with our values.
  • We work together in a manner that is team-oriented, constructive & challenging.
  • We Look forward for Transformational Leaders.